As the final daylight of 2014 fades to gold, my heart is full of thankfulness. Doors opened this past year that I could not have imagined possible 12 months ago. Friends, new and old, showed me many kindnesses, and brought forth constant encouragement as I've strived to make the transition into full-time photography. Abby and I had the incredible opportunity to re-visit the Queen of Cities—Istanbul—where East and West, ancient and modern, and sacred and secular (not to mention, my own past and present) all collide in a wondrous and enchanting amalgamation.

As 2015 looms ahead, we cannot be sure of what the future holds, but my prayer is that we may all more fully trust Him who holds the future, whatever it may be. God-willing, I will be able to one day pay forward the many gifts I have received so generously. In particular, thank you to Levi Tijerina, my dear friend and brother, for believing in me and for pushing me forward with your own hard work and immense talent. And to my loving wife and best friend, Abigail Marie, thank you for your endless encouragement and adventurous heart. You are my life comrade, and you refine me always to be a better man.

Happy New Year, and many blessings to you and yours in 2015.