2016: Year In Review


This past November I travelled to the coast of northern California for a photography retreat with a small group of brilliant and inspiring artists. During my short stay I was fortunate to be reminded of what is truly important in this life and work, and to have my goals brought sharply into focus again. Reflecting on the past year and looking to the days ahead, these are my goals for this work:

1. Provide for my family (now of three!) Our sweet son, Joseph David, is one month old today. :)
2. Create images I am proud of
3. Connect with, learn from, love and serve as many people along the way as possible

Surely, I do these imperfectly, and I am indebted to many kind friends who have graciously helped me along this path. Thank you to the couples, families, and friends who have opened their lives, stories and hearts to me this past year. Genuine connection is what this work is all about, so here’s to another year of connection, learning, growing, striving, and loving. God bless, friends.



Anniversary Session at Rocky Mountain National Park


The beautiful mess and mystery of marriage is found in the day-to-day hard work and often unseen sacrifices of real life. Those choosing-to-love, self-denying, grace-extending moments which build up a marriage, painfully at times. After three years of married life myself, I am faced with the reality of my failures to love unconditionally. Yet Abby and I continue to fight the good fight, committed to one another's good and growing closer as one. Through life's joys and sorrows, the heights and depths—together.

For these reasons among others, I was humbled and honored when EB reached out to me with the idea to gift Jonathan with a portrait session in celebration of their four-year anniversary. The three of us ventured up Trail Ridge Road and what we came away with is something I am truly proud of, and what I hope will serve as a meaningful record of this season of life for two of my friends. Personally, a session like this is something Abby and I dream of doing ourselves in the years to come. Here's to marriage, devotion, faithfulness, and the hard work involved in building something lasting and beautiful. Much love.

And if you happen to be in the need of any design or brand work, Jonathan & EB run what is essentially a one-stop shop for all things creative. They're also the type of people who go out of their way to encourage other artists by creating opportunities for them, which is exactly what they did for me a couple years ago before I jumped into photography full-time. You can check out some of their stellar work over at The Whistler & The Well and The Great Northern.