An old fashioned Oklahoma boy through and through, Ryan had always been adamant about the fact that he would only entertain thoughts of dating a girl from his home state—one who would promptly join him in returning to the South upon his graduation from law school. It is for this reason that I was somewhat incredulous to discover he was sweet on some Alabama girl, Amber, who had moved in next door.

Ryan has been one of my best friends ever since I landed in Denver. We were flatmates for a year, and he stood by my side as my wife and I said our vows. The word that most readily comes to mind whenever I think of Ryan is integrity—I know I can take him at his word—an admirable and increasingly rare quality in our day.

I am positively thrilled to see how Ryan has pursued and won the heart of this amazing woman, and it is my immense honor and pleasure to document this period of their lives, including their wedding day in a few short weeks.