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Aaron & Jordan: Silver Plume Exploration & Mountain Engagement


Silver Plume is a tiny, historic (supposedly haunted?!) Colorado mountain town that I have found myself completely smitten by as of late. With abandoned mines, miniature pastel cottages, winding hiking trails, friendly neighborhood pups, multicolored street shops— not to mention the utterly charming DRAM Apothecary—Silver Plume truly possesses a vibe all its own. Since I first wandered its dusty streets a couple months ago I have been itching to get back for a shoot of some kind. The only question was when and how. Fortunately, one of the coolest couples I am lucky to work, Aaron & Jordan, were intrigued by my idea of a personal shoot/Silver Plume exploration/engagement session of sorts, and immediately hopped on board. And when we're all up for anything, good things happen. :)

A few interesting tidbits I learned about this awesome couple during our little adventure together:

1. Matching jet plane tattoos on their arms serve as a reminder to make travel experiences a priority in their life together.
2. They both possess an impeccable taste in music, and introduced me to the lovely track below.
3. Both are naturals in front of the camera, and Jordan has a stellar eye for photography herself.
4. Anytime I need a laugh a from them, the surefire go-to method is simply reciting the Finding Nemo joke, "There's a mollusk, see, and he walks up to a sea...well...he doesn't walk up..." 

Here's to new friends, new experiences, and—in eight days and counting—a new marriage. This is what it's all about, folks. :)