If you're anything like me, you may feel a bit of anxiety at the prospect having your picture taken. I recall the mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness I experienced leading up to Abby's and my engagement session, so I want to take a moment prior to our time together to remind you of why we're even doing this: not to check a box off a list, but because your unique love and commitment to each other is worth celebrating. I also want to give you an idea of what to expect from our time together, and offer a few suggestions to help us make the most of your session. Together, I know we will create some beautiful images, which will offer a glimpse into your unique personalities, your connection as a couple, and serve as a beautiful record of this season of your life together.

What to Expect

Most sessions last 1-2 hours, and we will spend much of our time together walking, talking, and generally hanging out and getting to know each other better. And I'll have my camera along, of course, to document the adventure. I like to keep things low-key and low-pressure, and to simply enjoy taking in the location, being present in the moment, connecting and exploring together. Collaboration is key to creating amazing images, so do let me know if you have any ideas, locations, poses, etc. you'd like to try. I'm always up for something new.


If we haven't already scheduled your session, I typically recommend shooting around either sunrise or sunset (with some exceptions) to work with the most beautiful light. In terms of locations, I am all about collaboration so let me know if there is a particular coffee shop, record store, hiking path, beach, or neighborhood that you love. Of course, I can offer many recommendations, but I would love to incorporate a place of significance to the two of you. Let me know if something comes to mind!

Natural Posing

While I have plenty of pose ideas up my sleeve to get us going, what I am most after is an honest and true interaction between the two of you. I won't leave you hanging, but consider my suggestions more as a guide—if something doesn't feel quite right, please feel free to make it your own. I also love those spontaneous, in-between, and imperfect moments, so feel free to move, laugh, sneak a kiss, etc. The more you can simply be yourselves, stay focused on each other, and simply be present in the moment (thus forgetting about the camera entirely), the more authentically beautiful your images will turn out. 



Just as every couple is unique, so no two of my portrait sessions are identical. I will provide a variety of guidance, prompts, questions to discuss, or mini-games to play, but trust me that what I am always after is an authentic moment, expression, and connection between the two of you. The point is to take your minds off the camera, to have fun and to love on each other. Remember that the more free you are to just be yourselves and the more affectionate you are with each other, the more amazing your images will turn out. And I'll do my best to create that space for you to enjoy each other and simply be yourselves. If you would like some additional ideas for poses feel free to scroll through my journal to see how other couples have interacted.

Attire & Accessories

In terms I attire, what is most important is to wear something you feel confident in, and that is true to who you are. That said, I generally recommend avoiding all black or all white, as well as especially loud patterns, colors, or logos, which can be distracting in photos. Earth tones, muted colors, and layers are all excellent choices, but again, it is most important to simply dress like yourself. Feel free to coordinate your colors with each other without being too "matchy-matchy." You are more than welcome to bring along any wardrobe changes and/or accessories such as a plaid blanket, favorite book, thermos, etc. if you like.

I would recommend making your final outfit decisions a week or more in advance so you aren't putting undue stress on yourselves leading up to our session.

Closing Thoughts

My hope is that this guide helped calm any fears or anxieties you have about being photographed. Honestly, having your picture taken can feel awkward and uncomfortable at times, but just do your best to have fun with it. It gets easier with time and practice, I promise. If any questions or concerns come to mind don't hesitate to reach out at any time. I'm looking forward to hanging out and creating together soon. Cheers!