A spirit of adventure has long been a defining mark on Chris and Tara's lives. Both have worked for companies involved with Ironman compeitionswhich is how, interestingly enough, they first metand Chris has completed several triathlons himself. When it came time to sit down and hash out their wedding plans, they agreed that an intimate celebration with two of their dearest friends surrounded by the immense natural beauty of the Colorado Rockies was the most authentic representation of their relationship and love for each other. Every situation is different, but for me as a photographer and creative, it is so inspiring when couples feel the freedom to throw out the traditions and expectations that are meaningless to them, and truly make their wedding day their own.

In true Colorado fashion, their day experienced the full spectrum of weather: from sun and blue skies, to clouds rolling in from the west, followed by light rain which quickly morphed into snow, and ultimately a full-on hail storm. Naturally, sun rays bookended our day, and I honestly wouldn't have expect anything less from Colorado. It was quite a wild ride as you'll see. :) Weather patterns notwithstanding, what resonated with me most deeply was their intimate ceremony nestled along the mountainside, and their powerfully emotional first dance amongst rows of aspens and evergreens. Staying true to themselves down to the tiniest details, Chris and Tara had pre-selected a handful of potential first dance songs and left the final choice up to a chance draw from a mason jar. Many thanks to my my good friends over at Forget Me Not Media for inviting me along to cover the stills department on this one. Be sure to keep a lookout for their film version of the story at the end of the post.

P.S. Yes, at the end of the day our bride did take a dip of sorts in the river, and it was something amazing. :)