Wedding Photography Questionnaire

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Bride's Phone Number *
Bride's Phone Number
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Groom's Phone Number *
Groom's Phone Number
Wedding Day Alternate Contact *
Wedding Day Alternate Contact
A maid of honor or best man would be ideal.
Wedding Day Alternate Contact's Phone Number *
Wedding Day Alternate Contact's Phone Number
Ceremony Venue Address *
Ceremony Venue Address
Will the bride be getting ready at a location different than the ceremony site? *
If so, please include below.
Bride's Getting Ready Location
Bride's Getting Ready Location
Would the groom like getting ready photos? *
I can realistically do this if the bride and groom are both getting ready in close proximity. If not, please let me know so we can work out a plan accordingly.
Groom's Getting Ready Location
Groom's Getting Ready Location
If applicable.
Would the bride and groom like to see each other prior to the ceremony? *
Will the bride and groom exchange gifts and/or cards prior to the ceremony? *
Will the reception take place at the same location as the ceremony? *
If not, please include below.
Reception Venue Address
Reception Venue Address
With respect to the preceding rules, regulations, and/or restrictions, during the ceremony would you rather your photographer(s): *
Please list each with titles and names. For the sake of time I recommend no more than eight total groupings.
This makes the process run much more efficiently.
The optimal time for couple portraits is about an hour before sunset. Would you like to utilize this time to take some photographs in amazing light? *
Will you have a grand exit from the reception you would like photographed? *
What is your final married address?
What is your final married address?