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Rocky Mountain National Park

Laurel & John: Adventure Engagement at Rocky Mountain National Park


Right off the bat I must confess that this session was one of my favorites thus far of 2015—hands down. And while my opinion may not be entirely objective (what with the fact that Laurel and John are two of my favorites because 1. they love Istanbul, 2. they have vastly generous and servant-oriented hearts, 3. they were willing to indulge my adventurous whims of venturing up to Rocky Mountain National Park for this session, and 4. they are just so gosh darn cute together) but I digress....

Suffice it to say that I love these two friends dearly, and very shortly now we will all be celebrating the most amazing promises two humans can make to one another. Can't wait to party, rejoice, and most, yes, likely tear up with you all. Three days and counting.... :)