What a day, trekking all over Boulder with these two! We had postponed this session multiple times in hopes of catching a break in the wintry weather (February broke a 100-year old record for snowfall 'round these parts), but with no sign of the snow relenting we opted to go ahead and embrace the cold; and I am now so glad we did, as the snowcapped mountains provided the magical white backdrop you see below....

We kicked things off at Boxcar Coffee for some late morning pour overs, then explored (what we dubbed) the Narnia snow-cove hidden on the backside of Chautauqua, and, finally, ventured up Flagstaff Mountain to the top-of-the-world overlook where Jarod had proposed to Cassie. We trudged, slid, and outright tumbled through knee-deep snow patches, thawed our freezing hands in Jarod's SUV, and spent a good chuck of time laughing together and discussing American-made men's clothes and long-ago picnics on the porches of half-built homes. Cassie and Jarod are two immensely kind, generous, and just downright friendly folks I am lucky to now know (thanks to Blake and Sara for the introduction!)

Looking forward to round two in August for the real deal, full crew, and in celebration of these two making some amazing vows to each other. In the meantime, Cassie and Jarod, Black Eye & Elevation are calling—my treat. :)